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The Taste of Lemon by Diana Adams
The Artichoke by Diana Adams
Dure'e by Albert Adato
Lake Effect by Mary Akers
Hotline by Elisa Albert
The Age of Chalk by Michael P. Aleman
The Hat by Elizabeth Alexander
The Walled Garden by Tim Alexander
Our Life, Filtered Through an Episode of "ER" by Jamie Allen
Amy by Ruth Almon
What We Believed In by Jill Alphonso
There Are Things You Do Even Though They Feel Wrong by Jennifer Amey
Surviving the Seventh by James Lawder Andrews
Ladies with Social Diseases by Jessica Anthony
To the Supercuts Trainee Who Let Me Know Exactly Where I Stood by Tony Antoniadis
The Self-Hating Tourists by David Apolistico
My Mama's Prom by Bob Arter
Baby Bunting by Karen Ashburner
The Nose by Stephany Aulenback
New Mexico Stories (true, for the most part) by Stephen Ausherman
They Know by Stephen Ausherman
Music Requests for a Funeral and a Wake by Paul Bacon
Sleeper's Fellowship by Paul Bacon
Tall Like Me by Grant Bailie
Cleanup at Register Three, Please by Ted Bajek
Elements by Sarah M. Balcomb
Bunny: a courtroom thriller by Sarah M. Balcomb
Snuff by Sarah M. Balcomb
Damn by Sarah M. Balcomb
Gregory by Sarah M. Balcomb
Ryder by Sarah M. Balcomb
Gremlins by Sarah M. Balcomb
Bob (Not a Sequel) by Sarah M. Balcomb
A Girl Named Sue by Sarah M. Balcomb
Gordon by Sarah M. Balcomb
Bob by Sarah M. Balcomb
Matilda by Sarah M. Balcomb
Should Have Gone to Disney World by Erica Barmash
The Pylon by Larry Bruce Barnes
The Feet of a Dancer by Rusty Barnes
The Last Great Triumph by Rusty Barnes
All Shook Down by Jeff Barnosky
The Nosebleed by Jeff Barnosky
The Daughter by David Barringer
Acknowledgements by David Barringer
Bad Women by David Barringer
Stranded by David Barringer
Renard the Squirrel by David Barringer
Every Story You've Ever Read by David Barringer
The Best Man by David Barringer
The Masseuse by David Barringer
The Other Angelas by Christopher Barzak
Workshop by Keith Baughman
A Character Reference For the Afterlife by Gary Baum
Hawks by Peter Bebergal
Convergences at Grand Central by Bob Beier
Last Breakfast by Bob Beier
Looking by Bob Beier
Glass by Christian Bell
Something to Match Her Couch by Caroline Berger
Thumb War by Jedediah Berry
Bonk by Joel Best
Market by Jeremy Biles
Nights After The Day After by Jeff Boison
The Porn and Peril of Long Island Teens by Marni Borek
The Death of Co-habitation: A Concerto in 3 Parts by Marni Borek
Push/Pedal Car by Todd Ryan Boss
Lit Crit: Middlesex Todd Ryan Boss
American Standard by Todd Boss
My First Screenplay and My Brother's Cat by Eric Bosse
That Poor Turtle by Donnie Bowman
Bipolar, My Ass by April Bozada-Armstrong
Suite 27: Drs. Metcalf, Pulaski, and Kumar by April Bozada-Armstrong
The Prowler by Brady Boyd
Barbie Toes by Theresa Boyar
John Denver Baby Blue by Anne Boyer
How To Get Hired as House Harpist in the Holy High Country by Tom Bradley
A Document of Public Record by Richard Brake
Pillow Shams by Gayle Brandeis
Barb's Diner by Peter Breschard
Things in New Orleans That I Should Be Writing About Since I've Been Living Here for Six Weeks But Haven't Done So Yet by Susannah Breslin
Neverest by David Brizer
The Promise by Michael Brodeur
The General Returns by Scott Brothers
Those in Our Gang by Scott Brothers
Hadley by DC Broughton
Initial Trajectory by John Broughton
Obituary by Phillip Bruso
Carnival by Kurt McGinnnis Brown
One Morning My Range Rover Told Me To Go Back Inside The House by Mark Peebles Brown
Elasticity by Mark Peebles Brown
Grasping for Air by Aaron Burch
Lovely by Leslie Busler
Deposition from a Paperback Beating by Blake Butler
Ode To Lips by Justin Bzdek
Madrugada by Kenneth Calhoun
Purge by Kenneth Calhoun
Lazy by Ptim Callan
Pageant by Tonya Canada
How Far by Jennifer Cande
Gwen's Grief by Jennifer Cande
Tree by Dana Cann
In the Hollow of the Hands by Kate Hill Cantrill
Transport by CE Cardiff
No One Ever Gets Tired of Stories About Angels by Sean Carman
Roadside Elvis Shrine by Sean Carman
My Prescient Dream by Sean Carman
Chinatown by Alexandra Carter
The Cat Might Be Dead by Kevin Casey
Without a Mirror by Tania Casselle
Three Shorts by Christopher Chambers
Treat Me Like a Cowboy by Darren Chase
Love in the Time of Gonorrhea by Jimmy Chen
Good Intentions by Lisa Chewning
Lyrics by Kim Chinquee
Sugar and Spice by Yvonne Chism-Peace
Youth Loses Identity by Yvonne Chism-Peace
Room 101 by Peter Christenson
Real Estate by Dave Clapper
Throwing Up Over Buttercups by Jai Clare
How You Spell America by Michael Cocchiarale
The Ritual by Terry Coffey
Love Shine by Elizabeth Cohen
The Price of Gold by Michael Harris Cohen
So Happy by Myfanwy Collins
The Snowman by Myfanwy Collins
Haste by John Colt
She Has Decided to Keep Her Baby by John Colt
Absolutely Guaranteed by Shanna Compton
Thor & Perseph by Chevy O'Regan by Shanna Compton
Uisce by Anne Connon
Stan's Last Gamble by Angela Conrad
The Limit as What Approaches Ka-ching by Eliza Cooley
Easier Said Than Done by rc cooper
Go Away, Come Back, I'm Yours by Whitfield Corduroy
Empty Lot by Whitfield Corduroy
Jump. Bray. by Whitfield Corduroy
A Toll Tale by Bridget Cowles
One of Those Times by Barrett Crary
& Caesar by JM Crimmins
Outside of Waverly by JM Crimmins
Coming Back Homeby Curtis L. Crisler
The Emotional Life of Stones by Corin Cummings
The Anatomy by Corin Cummings
Two Things I Thought In June by Leslie Curtin
Tickle by Adam Cushman
Elysian Cheese by Robin Dann
For the Crusaders by Antony Davies
Skin Tagby Connie Davies
Noah's Tree by Connie Davies
Something Precious by Orman Day
Goodbye, Columbo by Deirdre Day-MacLeod
Spit by Deirdre Day-MacLeod
Marble by Chris DeBolt
Jack Booker: Verifier of the Stars by Chris DeBolt
Take Me Out of the Ballgame by Joe Decker
Between Destinations by Diane E. Dees
Call Me McGuffin by Diane E. Dees
Azoy Gait Es! by Diane E. Dees
John 3:16 by Joe Deir
Bed by Steve Delahoyde
Epitaph Revisions (11/1999-2/2002) by Steve Delahoyde
Rumpled by Steve Delahoyde
Forum by Steve Delahoyde
The Summer Hours Between Morning and Lunch by Tim Denevi
Frankie, Celine, and the Wolf by Sean Dent
The Luck Drug by Spencer Dew
Baby in the Bathtub by Dennis DiClaudio
Their Country House by Dennis DiClaudio
The Aberration Reconsidered by Chris Diken
I Like to Stand in Traffic by Todd Dills
Artichoke Heart by Todd Dills
Trailing Phooey Waves and Kissing Babies - a Night in the American Legion by Todd Dills
The Rumor That Reached West Virginiaby Gian-Carlo DiTrapano
Helping Me, Helping You: Ask Doris
Helping Me, Helping You: Ask Doris
Social Discourses on the Renaissance of the Renaissance: A Paper Presented at the Inaugural Online Personal Freedoms Convention by Tom Dotson
Mara by Doug
What I Know About Love by Tanya Eby
The Demise of Space/Time/Kookla by Bryson Newhart & Doltus Effings
Away From The Farm That Fall by Bryson Newhart & Doltus Effings
Summer On Grandpa's Farm by Bryson Newhart & Doltus Effings
Jupiter by Pia Z. Ehrhardt
Shot Gun by Pia Ehrhardt
Stop by Pia Ehrhardt
I Thought IHOP Had More Syrup Flavors by Pia Ehrhardt
On How You Look at It by Kristen Elde
Ousted by Kristen Elde
Remembrances 1981-1986 by Elizabeth Ellen
Remembrances, 1975-1980 by Elizabeth Ellen
Remembrances 1969-1974 by Elizabeth Ellen
How the Homeless Funambulist and Lonely Somnambulist Met and Shared a Melon by Elizabeth Ellen
You, In Movies by Mark Emerson
Something in the Air by Seth Endo
Mornings by Cetywa Powell Eginard
Tour Diary (Excerpts) by Sean Ennis
Just Married by Griffin Jaye Epstein
Variations on you (2nd person experiments) PART 2 by Griffin Jaye Epstein
In Three and a Half Parts... one and a half by Griffin Jaye Epstein
In Three and a Half Parts... two by Griffin Jaye Epstein
In Three and a Half Parts...three by Griffin Jaye Epstein
A Surrounded Island by David Erlewine
Crawling With Invisible Vermin by Shelley Ettinger
Lush Life by Leslie Irish Evans
Putting Down the Dog by Michael J. Ewing
The Information by Matt Fagan
Christmas by Matt Fagan
The Orange Prince and the Frog Princess by Ali Fahmy
Golden Valley by Ali Fahmy
A Hole Too Small by Kama Falzoi
Departure Lounge by Steve Finbow
A Tale of Many Days Before by J.D. Finch
How Elm Trees Dieby Kathy Fish
The Addressee by Paul Fisher
Palm Sunday with Kurt Vonnegut by Claudia Fletcher
Coastlines by Adam Ford
Matthew's Sins by Vic Fortezza
Queendom by Angela Jane Fountas
Kafka's Lunch by Michael Fowler
Learning to Love Her by Michael Fowler
My Dog is the Space Dog by Matt Fraction
Meet Me At Cheers Charlotte Redux Again by Matt Fraction
Birthday Present (part two) by J.C. Frampton
Birthday Present (part one) by J.C. Frampton
43 Lake View Avenue, South by Emily Franklin
Myrna Loy Slept Here by Rosemary Frenza
Crash #6 from Ten Crashes by Jon Fried
Letter to a College Professor by Jon Friedman
Letter to a Comedy Club by Jon Friedman
A Letter to a Blind Date by Jon Friedman
Do It Now! by Fritz
More Poems by Chris Gage
The Bicycle Poems by Chris Gage
Goodbye, New York by Jamey Gallagher
The Devil in Her Eyes by Carla Gericke
Splashdown by David Gianatasio
Summer Camp Scrapbook by David Gianatasio
Timepiece(s) by David Gianatasio
Interview with Ponga, An Adult Female Gorilla, Via American Sign Language, In Which Ponga Insists She's a Bird by David Gianatasio
Elevation by David Gianatasio
I Followed You Through a Shopping Mall (a romantic fable) by David Gianatasio
My Talk with Johnny Mac by David Gianatasio
Time Try: A Brief Absurdist Play With Temporal Themes (Dialogue Adapted from my Rejection Slips) by David Gianatasio
What's Wrong with This Picture by David Gianatasio
The Handyman's Guide to Shenanigans an excerpt by T.G. Gibbon
A Wedding Announcement by T.G. Gibbon
Pop Musicby Jim Gladstone
The Arc of the Cosmos by Todd Glasscock
The Short, Unknowable Life of Frances Beachcomber by Todd Glasscock
Ring of Deception by Gary Glauber
Idioms by Jeb Gleason-Allured
Catalyst by Jeb Gleason-Allured
The Venezuelan Dairy Case by Jeff Glovsky
Salvation at the Flop by Kelvin Gordon
Cravings by Rose Gowen
Spending Money by Rose Gowen
Unemployment by Brian Graham
Slumming by Mary Richardson Graham
A Public Service Announcement made possible by a Grant
Presidential Snapshots by Richard Grayson
To Paris and Back by Ronald Green (with David Lloyd)
Best Man, Dog, and Videocorder by Sara Greenwald
Horticulture by Andrea Gregovich
Surviving by Marcus Grimm
The Flame by James Grinwis
Dymaxion, Inc. by James Grinwis
Northern Landscape by James Grinwis
Six Stories by James Grinwis
Twinkle, Or A View From Below by James Grinwis
Eve on the Two of Clubs by Steven Gullion
The Eyeless Wonder by Sherie Guillory
Black Holes by Asterio Gutierrez
Tragedy Brewing by Shane Michael Guy
The Fly (A Chair Story) by Amy Halloran
The Marriage (A Chair Story) by Amy Halloran
She (A Chair Story) by Amy Halloran
The Family Way by Justin Hamm
(im)Mor(t)al (il)Logic: A(n) (im)Modest Proposal of (un)Common (non)Sense by Alvin Haruthunian
Doubles by Jesse Hassenger
Cartooning by Larry Hat
Come In by Jerry Hatchett
No Donuts by Amy Havel
The Bunny by Ricki Heller
The Frozen Man by Sari Heifetz
The Uninvited Guest by Sari Heifetz
Lunch Hour by Andy Henion
Strip Club by Andy Henion
The Alabaster Turnip by Christopher Hickman
A Very Special Three's Company by Christopher Hickman
Warp by Darren Higgins
Scenes from the Campaign Trail by Darren Higgins
Flight Two-Eighty-Five by Nathan Hill
Bad Bloodby Morgan Hobbs
Celebrity Eye(I) on Tony Billings by Frederick M. Barclay by Morgan Hobbs
Monster Truck by Carol Hoenig
The Execution of the Turtle by Jason Hoffman
The Numbers, Fine by Jessica Hoffmann
Straight Out of the Can by Tiff Holland
Things Spoil in the Shade by John Holliday
Confronted with a Cannnon by David Holub
Don't Come Around Here No More by Zachary Houle
I'll Come to You With Stories by by Louisa Howerow
Funeral by Hansun Hsiung
Figures Defying Gravity by J.P. Howley
Flying Fish Rhapsody by Michael Hultquist
A Found Letter by CJ Hurtt
Isthmusology by Kevin Hyde
The Fox by Debbie Ann Ice
Daddy by Donald Illich
The Laughing Skull by Donald Illich
Feathers by Donald Illich
Test by G. A. Ingersoll
39 Gallon Standard Lawn and Leaf by Guy Ives
Out of the Waters of Elizabeth Bishop by Beverly Jackson
Tortilla Flats by Beverly Jackson
Of Mice and Indians by Toni Jensen
The Captain's Hatby Liesl Jobson
Symmetry by David Johnson
True Love in Myrtle Beach by Ann Jones
Hemingway Hills in the Afternoonby Stephen Graham Jones
Robert Palamar-David Jordan by David Jordan
Collective Guilt by Matt Kalinowski
wORKING gIRL by Ryan Kamstra
Reverse Psychology by Steve Kane
Connecting by Alisha Karabinus
Whistle and Hiss by Daniel Karasik
Bounce by Robert Kaye
Mr. Bliss by Beth Keegan
So Telemachus Walks Into a Bar (and the punchline goes like this) by Peter Kelleher
The Woman and the Wake by Pete Kelleher
Infinite Value by Peter Kelleher
The House Hunters by Andy Kelly
They Said I Could Call This Collection of Short Pieces Anything, But All I Really Want To Say In This Space Is That I Want You: 3 short pieces by Dan Kennedy
Leaving Messages After the Beep to Improve My Self Esteemby Dan Kennedy
California Dreaming by Dan Kennedy
The Universal Language of Comedy: What I Believe the Stand-up Comic on the Television in My Barcelona Hotel Room is Saying by Dan Kennedy
Serving Suggestions by Dan Kennedy
Notes From Five Hotels by Dan Kennedy
If You Happen To Be On Your Way To Japan by Dan Kennedy
Ways I Can Save Tourists Money at the Empire State Building by Dan Kennedy
MTV Sucks (and so do I) by Dan Kennedy
Bad Napster Analogies For Rock Stars by Dan Kennedy
What My Diary Might Have Looked Like When I Worked in a Small Fishing Lure Factory in Northern California by Dan Kennedy
We went on summer vacation and left you with Tucker Nichols and David Khoury
Running Out of Gas by Linda Kilby
Waiting for the Frogs to Sing by Monica Kilian
Plants and Animals by Edward Kim
Like Being the Only Grain of Sand on the Beach by Ian F. King
It Rings by Matthew Kirby
The Significance of Nature by Matthew Kirby
Do Not Try This When You Were Young by Lee Klein
Words Beginning With The Letter K, Aptly Illustrated By Sentences Involving The Much-Appropriated K. of Kafka's Fiction by Lee Klein
Dances Demon Fast by Kathryn Knudson
Long Distance by Dave Koch
CLARIFICATION TO THE LAWS, circa Nov. 1910, according to the "REPORT of the BOARD OF HEATH of the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH of THE CITY OF NEW YORK for the YEARS 1910 AND 1911." By Scott Korb
Q: Concerning the Echeneis, Or Sucking Fish by Scott Korb
Ridiculous by Miriam Kotzim
House Hunting, Toronto, 1982 (Three Stops) by Lynn Kozlowski
Peaches by Josh Krehbiel
Talk Money to Me by Ken Krimstein
The Local Line by Madhu Krishnan
Fun Times at Skidmore College, Number 26 by Josh Kron
The Trouble with Nature by Tua Laine
What a Nice Young Man by Laila Lalami
Like Swimming by Jeff Landon
The Gift by Susan T. Landry
The Unisphere by Susan T. Landry
We Become That With Which We Interconnect by Brian Lane
Run Time Error by Dorothee Lang
Counting the Miles by Rick Larsen
Prelude to a Phone Call by Darby Larson
They by Tara Laskowski
Eggie Spills It All by Danielle LaVaque-Manty
At the Dojo by Danielle LaVaque-Manty
Subway Gnomes by NJ Lawson
Scooby Doo and the Gang Illustrate Some Literary Genres: Memoir by John Leary
Scooby Doo and the Gang Illustrate Some Literary Genres: Noir by John Leary
Scooby Doo and the Gang Illustrate Some Literary Genres: Magical Realism by John Leary
The Rat At My Party by Millys Lee
The Ocean by Matt Leibel
Anna and Vince the Butcher by Naomi Leimsider
Shmemfathize by Nathan Leslie
The Gravity of Youth by Frank Lesser
Mindless Over Matter by Gary Levine
Duet by Calvin Liu
To Paris and Back by David Lloyd (with Ronald Green)
My Husband, the Orangutan by Chelsea Lowe
Untitled by Chelsea Lowe
No Impact by R.A. Lubow
Sabbath Rain by Marge Lurie
Gun in the Hot Dog Cart by Marcia Lynx Qualey
Jessica by Tom H. Macker
When They Were Young by Tom H. Macker
The Old Woman and the Muscle by Rick Magers
Rain by Uma Mahadevan-Dasgupta
Running by Uma Mahadevan-Dasgupta
More Than Even: The Story of Now by Moonlight Maitra
Thirteen Ways of Looking At A Cow: Moonlight Maitra's Holiday Special
Posting the Post-Postmodern by Moonlight Maitra
The Hard, Sweet Road to City Hall by Moonlight Maitra
Visions of Grandeur, or By the time you finish reading this article, the proverbial hat will have been thrown into the ring... by Moonlight Maitra
How To Survive In Our Worst Case Scenario by Moonlight Maitra
The Ranch At 1600 by Moonlight Maitra
Schlock: What Christmas Means To Me by Moonlight Maitra
The Subversive and the Subway by Moonlight Maitra
Paper Covers Rock by Moonlight Maitra
Dancers In The Dark Election of 2000 by Moonlight Maitra
Don't Blame the Messenger Bag by Moonlight Maitra
Elitist Sundays With 'The Times' by Moonlight Maitra
What's So Funny About Peace. Love, and Understanding by Moonlight Maitra
How Technology Saved My Life by Moonlight Maitra
Indexes and Rings: The Walker Evans Exhibit at the Met by Moonlight Maitra
Letter of Introduction by Moonlight Maitra
Grapes by Pasha Malla
7 1/2 Reincarnations of Ronald McDonald by Pasha Malla
Rolling Stones Van by Louis Malloy
Thong by Mary Jo Marcellus
Mud Soup by Peter Markus
Treatment by Juan Martinez
Treaty by J.M. Martinez
The Women Who Talk To Themselves by J.M. Martinez
Tag Team Orientation Seminar In The Wilderness of Hope, MN by J.M. Martinez
Contributor's Note by Michael Martone
Sometimes We Call Blood, Juice by Frayn Masters
All My Fault by A.M. Matson
My Dear Darling Husband by A.M. Matson
Moire Patterns by John Matthews
Johnny Heart Attack by John H. Matthews
One Shot by John H. Matthews
After a Good Rain by Sue Mayfield-Geiger
A Shadow Risinig by Mary McClusky
Birthing the Past: Separation of Father and Son by Dick McCullough
Broadcast by Allen McGill
Forbidden Flowers by Nichole McGill
Hornet Eyes by Nichole McGill
Family by Jasper McGinnis
Meter Readings by Karyna McGlynn
The U.H.D. Yawn by Karyna McGlynn
The Night I Told You I Loved You and You Told Me to Fuck Off by Kristin McGonigle
More Americans by Adam McGrath
Art for Art's Sake, Money for God's Sake by Andrew McIntyre
Sleep by Shauna McKenna
Playing Chicken by Shauna McKenna
Favorite Sweatshirt by Lisa McMann
Back to Sleep by Ellen Meister
Tiny Bird by Ellen Meister
The Grizzly Facts of a Nightmarish Crime by Josh Melrod
Kathleen by Kirsten Menger-Anderson
In Hiding by Court Merrigan
Madame Sabat's Grave by Corey Mesler
Cloudwatching by Corey Mesler
Southbound Train by Jonathan Messinger
An Unspeakable Shortness of Pants by Stephen J. Mexal
The Victory of an Odd Jobs Guy by Debbra Mikaelsen
In the Pride of Lions by J Eric Miller
The End of Illusions, Part 1 by Ryan Miller
End of Illusions, Part 2 by Ryan Miller
Sorrow Green Upon the Water by Kyle Minor
MoonPies by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz
The Gory Details by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz
Five Times by Christopher Monks
Boy with a Tic by Sarah Montague
Faint by Sarah Montague
Pollywogs by Sarah Montague
Robert Downey Rescue by Sarah Montague
a fiction by Sarah Montague
Crater by Sarah Montague
Still Bleeding After All These Years: Amityville Redux by Matt Morello
See Dick's Dog by Matt Morello
Driver's Test by James Morris
The Twenty-Minute Cultby Vanessa Morsse
Win One for Mounty by Joshua Moses
Ordinary Life by Pamela Mosher
Headless Nude Descending a Spiral Staircase by John Moss
Waiting for Herbie by S.D. Mulligan
Your Wedding by Colleen Murnane
For Answers, Look to the Frogs by Kristin Murray
On Paper by Kristin Murray
Rutting by Kristin Murray
The Saucy Siren by Wade Nacinovich
Daggers and Contacts by Ivan Nahem
Punctution [sic] by Gregory Napp
Subway Abicedarium (Twelve Hours) by Richard Eoin Nash
Stinky Nelson's Rhythm Poem by Stinky Nelson
Stinky Nelson's Amazing Free-Form Poetry by Stinky Nelson
Notes on Freddie Mercury's Mr. Bad Guy Album by Daniel Nester
How She Gets When She Has Some Trouble by Scott Neumyer
The Glass Stadium by Bryson Newhart and Anna Kostritzky
The Demise of Space/Time/Kookla by Bryson Newhart & Doltus Effings
Away From The Farm That Fall by Bryson Newhart & Doltus Effings
Summer On Grandpa's Farm by Bryson Newhart & Doltus Effings
A Little Sugar by Maud Newton
We went on summer vacation and left you with Tucker Nichols and David Khoury
Yours by Pat J. O'Brien
At My Sister's Wedding by Kevin O'Cuinn
Joe Loves Ramona But . . . by Kevin O'Cuinn
Shards by Wells Oliver
Beer and Confession by John O'Toole
Blondes and Brunettes by John O'Toole
Change of Addressby John O'Toole
Sister Meg by John O'Toole
And All Who Sail in Her by Wendy Ogden
The 21st Mile by Michelle Orange
A Day in the Countryby Chris Orlet
Solzhenitsyn on Writing by Christopher Orlet
Bored Jesus by Christopher Orlet
Emery Ploof by Chris Orlet
The Tale of the Suburban Huntsman by Christopher Orlet
Artwork by Elton James Owusu
Personal Demons by Brian Pacula
The Back of the Line by Jeff Parker
Criterion by Kasumi Parker
It All Ends the Same by Vanessa Weibler Paris
All Real and Plasticized by Vanessa Paris
Hell: An Autobiography by Ellen Parker
I Can't Lift My Arms Above My Head by Whitney Pastorek
I'm Sort of Famous; Don't You Wish You Were Me? by Whitney Pastorek
Tiny Little Center by Whitney Pastorek
Where Everybody Knows Their Flight by Whitney Pastorek
Survivor II Watch - Part II: The Video by Whitney Pastorek
Survivor II Watch - Part I: The Application by Whitney Pastorek
Dark Road by Whitney Pastorek
Personal Checking: Window To The Soul by Whitney Pastorek
I've Been Down by John Patroulis
The Bathtub by Perrin Patterson
Frank Sighs by Diane Payne
Suppertime by Tami Pearce
Right and Wrong by Sea or by Land by Virgin Pepper
Getting the Most Out of Your Weekend by Benjamin Percy
The Silver Whistle by Grant Perry
Star Signs by Lois J. Peterson
Bad Fish Day by Leonard Pierce
Taking by Kelly Lundgren Pietrucha
Prickly Skin (part two) by Jennifer Prado
Prickly Skin (part one) by Jennifer Prado
Emasculating Carrot Top Should Be National Goal Number One by Matthew Prom
Of Milk and Madness by Timo Puolitaipale
Henry Quinn's <COLUMN>
Henry Quinn's <COLUMN>
Papaya Fish by Chuck Rachford
Conversations With My Uncle by Charles Rachford
This Guy Tried to Mug Me the Other Day by Charles Rachford
Lord of the Apes by Gokul Rajaram
The Florentine Cardinal by Charles Rammelkamp
Calla by Kathryn Rantala
Pappy by Kathryn Rantala
The Finger People by Mark Rapacz
An Affair in Paris, as Told by the Ashtray and the Dead Whale by Austin Ratner
Episodic Entries in the Practice Regime of Mr. Trumpet by Jesse Ratner
Everything by Bryan Reardon
The Husband Points Hidden in a Performance of the Brandenburg Concertos by Ric Reichert
Little George Frideric Handel and His Big Brain by Ric Reichert
Train-Jumping by Ashley Rice
Pantsless by Jeremy Richards
Crippleby Joshua Roberts
Four Little Stories About Uncles by Lane Rogers
Julie's Story by Nicholas Rombes
Luminously Clear by Jordan Elizabeth Rosenfeld
Cast of Characters by Jenn Stroud Rossmann
I'm Sorry for Everything I Ever Did by Kris Rothstein
Becoming a Hack by Karin Round
Tom and Daisy by Phillip Routh
Whoever Takes the Next Step First by Elizabeth Ann Roy
Negative Pressure by Jim Ruland
I Can Do That by Jim Ruland
Blind by C. C. Russell
One Hand of Hold 'Em by Kenneth Ryan
On the Spot by Monideepa Sahu
Three Poems by Jeffrey Salane
The Value of a Watercolor by J.R. Salling
New Suburban Lit by Kevin Sampsell
God's Words to Bucky Guisman, Airport Angel by Jason Sanford
The Everhappy Eterna Comfort Band ä by Mark Sarvas
Lawnmower Music by Shya Scanlon
Disorder by Shya Scanlon
Honest Bill Part 3 by Dan Schar
Honest Bill: Part 2 by Dan Schar
Honest Bill: Part 1 by Dan Schar
A Neighborhood Story by Wayne Scheer
The Clearing by Nina R. Schneider
Eight or Several Footnotes, from Multifesto: A Henri d'Mescan Reader by Davis Schneiderman and Henri d'Mescan
Machiavelli in Kindergarten by Peter Schooff
Not-So-Great Gatsby by Peter Schooff
Reality Check On Register Two by Edmund Schubert
The Speech by G. David Schwartz
A Letter from Exile by Tobias Seamon
Methadone Rock by Diana Senechal
The Farm Diary of Guus Kuipers by Diana Senechal
Ten Timely and Absolutely True Tales by Oren Shafir
Sowing Wild Oats by F. John Sharp
Big Hit at the Lone Wolf by Gerald E. Sheagren
Caitlin, Tollgate Collector by Tom Sheehan
Lord Land by John Sheirer
What You'd Know if You Were Allowed to Visit Your Aunt by Keith Sherwood
The Dog and the Lake by Brandon Shimoda
Brit Memories of Africa (the Definitive Collection) by Anna Sidak
Girls Enter the Lake by Gail Louise Siegl
Saturday Morning by James Simpson
I Know What You’re Thinking by James Simpson
NOLA by Zach Sims
Romance by Jennie Snyder
Angel Wings by Claudia Smith
Monopoly by Claudia Smith
I Am Not a Rock Star by Michael F. Smith
Sweet Cherries by Lois Sockol
Going PinkEye by George Sparling
Cavities by Rusty W. Spell
Abuse the Clown by Eric Spitznagel
Crashed - Rescued File by Bill Spratch
Everything Good Just Leaks Out of Me by Bill Spratch
Fragments About My Father That Are Actually Pretty Damn Cohesive After All When You Read Them and Think About it a Little or Hello Beautiful World Without Overly Much Fire (in reference to the essay contest that estranged us for so many years) by Bill Spratch
Cat Theory by Matt St. Amand
Adam and Eveby Michael Stein
A Fairy Tale (part 1) by Michael Stein
A Fairy Tale (part 2) by Michael Stein
Waking by Chad Stevens
The Bridge by Emmett Stinson
Climbing School by Don Stockard
Old Friend by Sarah Stodola
The Deep Woods (Part One) by Jim Story
The Deep Woods (part two) by Jim Story
Broken Skin with Water and Dirt by Pitchaya Sudbanthad
Scrambled Love by Joella Sun
Lost in a Frozen Country by Irene Svete
Things Close Up Are Not As They Appear by Terese Svoboda
Moving Violations by Bara Swain
Stolen Moments by Jon Swan
Dead End by H. Sward
The Tale of the Wet Boat by Gilmore Tamny
Lovely When You Talk to Me by Monako Tanaki
Monsters by D.A. Taylor
Interruptions by Chris Tharp
Verbal Vittles Born on an Amtrak Train to Philadelphia Or I'm Hip to the Pindeldyboz Conspiracy by the1card
Frederick by John Hudson Tiner
True Confessions of the Bat-Fonz by Anthony Tognazzini
The New Duchamp by Anthony Tognazzini
Kick That Bottom Dot by Paul A. Toth
The War is Over, Let's Go Shopping by Paul A. Toth
Broken Wings by Susan B. Townsend
The Photograph by Susan B. Townsend
Like Clockwork by Tomi Tsunoda
Ice by Charles Ullmann
Like Being in Love by Katya Uroff
Come the Clowns by Peter Vaeth
Where You're Always Right by Peter Vaeth
Why Tanya's Paper Airplanes Are BetterThan Geoffrey's Paper Airplanes by Thom Verratti
Adolescence by Matthew Vollmer
The Black Twins by Matthew Vollmer
Letter From New York by Tommy Wallach
The Guy Who Thought He Knew Me by M.O. Walsh
Taunting the Elderly by Robert F. Walsh
Hecklers by Mark Walters
Miscibility by Trent Walters
Classified by Amanda Eyre Ward
Welcome to Promises Promises by James f. Ward
Margot Orakashi is Out on Maternityby James f. Ward
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowardsby James f. Ward
Cradle Me In Sweet Arms of Quality by James f. Ward
The Heckler by Sarah Weinman
Of Souls and Selkies by Patti Weisgerber
A State of (Mary) Grace by Patti Weisgerber
He Wanted Out by Michael Welch
Deathbed by Jay Wexler
Mister Bowen, Bye Bye by Jay Wexler
The Firecatcher's Sister by Jensen Whelan
Three Flaps by Kevin White
Hefflingtonby Alice Whittenburg
Keep This Promise by Brian Willems
Piece Meal by Joan Wilking
Before and After by Joan Wilking
The Rents Don't Like Fish by Kevin Wilson
Non-Winged Migration by Richard Wirick
Mistake by Richard Wirick
Rowing by Mark Wisniewski
View with Room by Ian Wolff
The Lady Killer by Thomas Wooten
The Kool King by Ginny Wray
The Way of All Fruit by Ginny Wray
Mum's the Word by Ginny Wray
Butcher Teacher by Tara Wray
The Sharpshooter by James D. Wright
Critical Study by Mark Yakich
Gordon, Wearing His Red Jacket, Slips on the Subway and Gets Bloggedby Jeffrey Yamaguchi
The Basil-Based Incident by Jeffrey Yamaguchi
7 Reports from the Road by Joseph Young
Drug/Dope by Joseph Young
Holiday Horoscopes by Theresa Young
Strangers on a Train by Claire Zulkey
What Martha Plimpton Was Waiting For by Todd Zuniga